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Floating Thermal Hot Tub Blanket Cell Foam - Insulating Spa Blanket Protector

Size: 6'x6' x 3/8" Thick

Floating Thermal Hot Tub Blanket Cell Foam - Insulating Spa Blanket Protector

Floating Thermal Hot Tub Blanket - Summer or Winter - Closed Cell Foam Durable, Floating, Insulating Spa Blanket Protector for Spa Hot Tub Cover in Cream Color.

The Thickest Floating Foam Thermal Spa/Hot Tub Blanket we have found any where.  3/8" Thick Floats on your spas water surface, lightweight, durable and twice as thick as the competition Reduce monthly heating bills save $$$ significantly reduces heat loss and evaporation. When used in conjunction with a hard cover this blanket has amazing results! Easily cut to size, fits 95% of all hot tubs and is easily trimmed to the perfect size of your tub (measure inside of spa) Closed Cell Foam insulates better and will not bunch up or fall apart like bubble blankets. Protects your expensive hard cover from chemical damage. When your spa isn't used every day, ozone gas quickly saturates the water and through condensation, the gases rise and are trapped by your spa cover. Ozone gas can be very corrosive and can deteriorate the underside of your spa cover and make it waterlog Our Blankets are made of one piece of foam not “welded” together.

  • DURABLE MATERIAL:TheThermaltech foam used in making this product is a 3/8" thick layer of high density foam to protect your hot tub from damage and save you from needless spa heating expenses. It is strong enough to endure the changes in weather and to help protect your Hard tub Cover from chemical damage
  • PERFECT FIT: The Spatender spa blanket is a perfect fit for most hot tubs of . Just pop this on top of the filled hot tub cut with scissors , and the job is done! It locks the heat of the water at the surface level and stops it from evaporating .
  • SAVE ENERGY BY REDUCING HEAT LOSS: Spa heating can be a expensive which is why an investment in a thermal cover will save you money. With your Spatender spa blanket you can save by trapping the heat of the water inside the tub . Most of the heat is lost through evaporation which is greatly reduced by the cover
  • GREAT FOR SUMMER OR WINTER :Why not keep the heavy clunky hard cover in the garage for the summer ? Not only does the thermal cover keep the tub warm on cool nights but it look so much nicer and keeps any debris from falling into the spa.
  • PROTECT YOUR EXPENSIVE HARD COVER: Hot tub covers are expensive ! Spatender thermal cover will help protect your hard cover from damage by harsh chemicals and gases. because the cover floats on the water it helps prevent evaporation which causes gases that will deteriorate your cover and head rests .