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Hot Tub Cover Cap Protector - Adjustable Height, Durable Sun Shield

Size: 7' x 7' x 36"

Hot Tub Cover Cap Protector - Adjustable Height, Durable Sun Shield

Waterproof Heavy Duty Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover! Made from top-quality polyester canvas with a waterproof backing, this cover is tough enough to withstand rain, hail, snow, dust, leaves, and even bird droppings. With its 100% coverage design, it keeps your hot tub protected from the sun, making it always look like new. The SpaTender Cover Cap goes beyond expectations, with its double UV resist layers acting as a sun shield. Its tightly sewn sheaths ensure 100% waterproofing, while the elastic hem cord with a toggle allows for a tight and custom fit. This cover is resistant to dirt, dust, rain, hail, bird droppings, and UV rays, offering maximum protection in harsh environments. And the best part? It's an inexpensive solution to safeguarding your expensive hot tub, saving you from spending thousands of dollars on new covers.

  • INEXPENSIVE PROTECTION FOR EXPENSIVE TUBS - SpaTender Caps are a cost-effective way of keeping your expensive outdoor and patio hot tubs safe. Instead of wasting Thousands of Dollars on "New Improved" covers available in the market, our product will provide maximum results in minimum spending. The insulated layering of our caps protects the expensive covers against cracks, decoloring or degradation due to environmental impacts.
  • QUALITY BEYOND EXPECTATIONS - SpaTender Pool Cover Cap is made of Polyester with double UV resist layers that act as a sun shield. Our sheaths are tightly sewed to ensure 100% waterproofing through corners; an Elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit.
  • UV AND SUN DAMAGE PROTECTION: The protective layer is good for shielding your hot tub from sun damage and harmful UV radiation. It is great for harsh summer heat when this is more likely to happen.
  • RESISTANT TO ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS - Protects your outdoor hot tub covers from dirt, dust, rain, hail, bird droppings, UV rays, etc. High-quality Polyethylene exponentially increases the survival rate of the Jacuzzi Tops in the Harsh Scorching Environment and the bone-chilling temperatures without deteriorating.




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