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Hot Tub SHO2X Renew - 2 lbs

  • Hot Tub SHO2X Renew - 2 lbs
  • Chlorine Free Oxy Shock Treatment
  • Highly effective in all spas & hot tubs using chlorine, bromine and lonizer type systems

SHO2X Renew is a treatment specified for spa & hot tub water suffering from organic contaminants known as chloramines.  Chloramines cause strong chlorine odor, irritate the eyes, ski and mucous membranes, and decrease the efficiency of your preferred sanitizer.

SHO2X Renew eliminates chloramine odor and irritation, increases sanitizer efficiency, restores water clarity, provides oxidation necessary for increased ionization efficiency and eliminates organic contaminants.

For use in spas chemically treated with any chlorinating or brominating products and those equipped with ionization and ozonating devices