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PH Minus 2.5lb

  • Granular 2.5lb
  • Fast Dissolving

"pH-" or "pH Minus" for a pool refers to a chemical product used to lower the pH level of pool water. The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, and pH levels below 7 are considered acidic.

In some cases, the pH level of pool water can become too high or alkaline. High pH levels can cause various issues, including reduced effectiveness of chlorine, scale formation, cloudy water, and potential skin and eye irritation. pH Minus is used to bring the pH level back into the desired range, typically between 7.2 and 7.6 for most swimming pools.

pH Minus is commonly available as a granular or powdered form of chemicals like sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid. These products are added to the pool water to lower the pH level.

When using pH Minus, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines carefully. Typically, the process involves dissolving the pH Minus in a bucket of water and then adding the solution slowly to the pool while the pool pump is running. This helps to ensure even distribution of the chemical throughout the pool.

It's crucial to test the pH level of the pool water regularly using a pH testing kit to determine the appropriate amount of pH Minus needed. It's recommended to make small adjustments and retest the pH before adding more pH Minus to avoid overshooting the desired pH level.

Remember that maintaining proper pH levels in a pool is essential for water balance, swimmer comfort, and effective pool chemical treatment. Regular monitoring and adjustment of pH, along with proper chlorination and sanitation, help to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.