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Flock 5lbs - Granular

  • Granular

Flock, also known as pool flocking agent or flocculant, is a chemical product used in swimming pool maintenance to help clear cloudy or hazy water by settling suspended particles to the bottom of the pool for easier removal.

When pool water becomes cloudy or hazy, it is often due to the presence of small particles such as dirt, debris, dead algae, or other organic matter that are too small to be captured by the pool filtration system. These particles can remain suspended in the water, causing the pool to appear dull or murky.

Flock works by binding these small particles together, forming larger clumps or "flocs" that sink to the bottom of the pool. Once the particles have settled, they can be easily vacuumed or manually removed from the pool.

The process of using flock typically involves the following steps:

  1. Test and adjust the pool's pH level and ensure that the pool's circulation system is functioning properly.
  2. Dissolve the flocking agent in a bucket of water according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Pour the dissolved flock slowly and evenly across the pool surface, focusing on areas with the most visible cloudiness.
  4. Allow the pool to circulate for a specific period, often overnight or up to 24 hours, to allow the flock to bind with the suspended particles and settle to the bottom.
  5. Use a pool vacuum to carefully remove the settled flocs and debris from the pool floor.
  6. Backwash or clean the pool filter to remove any excess debris and restore normal filtration.

It's important to note that flocking should not be used as a substitute for proper pool maintenance practices such as regular filtration, sanitization, and water balance. Flock is typically employed as a temporary solution to address severe cloudiness or as part of a more comprehensive cleaning and maintenance routine. Regular maintenance, including proper filtration, skimming, and periodic cleaning, is essential to keep the pool water clear and clean.