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Frog Pool Opening Kit Plus - 40,000 Gallon In Ground Pool

Frog Pool Opening Kit Plus

This kit includes:

FROG Leap Torpedo Pac - 6 Pack:

FROG Leap Torpedo Pacs come pre-filled with chlorine and easily inserts into the Anti-Bac Mineral Pac, dispensing low levels of chlorine for up to 3 weeks. With precise feeding, chlorine lasts 2x longer as you only need a 0.5-1.0 ppm level. The handles on the Torpedo Pac are easy to remove and you will never have to touch messy chemicals again!

FROG Leap Torpedo Pacs come pre-filled with 2.2lbs of Trichlor chlorine and are intended for use in Frog Leap 7800, Pool Frog 5100, 5400, & 6100 systems. Model# 01-03-7937.

FROG Leap Pool Wake-Up/Hibernation All-in-One Kit to Open and Close Your Pool:

Make the beginning and ending of pool season almost effortless! FROG Leap Pool Wake Up! takes the guesswork out of opening your pool and gets swimmers in fast. FROG Leap Pool Hibernation winterizes your pool and makes spring clean-up easier. The kit contains all you need to remove contaminants, establish a chlorine level and prevent algae in one box. Buy one for spring opening and one for winterizing.

  • Prefilled pacs make it easy
  • All-Out® is guaranteed to protect your pool for 90 days
  • Dispense through the FROG Leap Infuzer® or Leap Twin

Preventing algae is the key to pool fun. With Pool Wake Up! you get 90 days of algae free, crystal clear water (what a relief from weekly treatments!) Use Pool Hibernation to prepare your pool for winter and a clean spring opening.

  • Depth Charge® - A special non-chlorine shock removes contaminants in the water for crystal clarity
  • Reveille® - Sets initial chlorine level for pool start-up; acts as a second shock at closing to help establish clean water.
  • All-Out®- Prevents algae for 90 days guaranteed throughout the swim season. At pool closing it helps keep algae away.
  • Model# 01-10-7858.

FROG Leap Anti-Bac Mineral Pac® for up to 40K gallons

Fresh Sanitizing Minerals fight bacteria and reduce chlorine use up to 50%*

This is the real difference-maker! FROG® Leap®‘s Sanitizing Minerals create Fresh Mineral Water® in your pool — something no other product delivers. The combination of Minerals plus a low level of chlorine fight the battle of bacteria and deliver clean, crystal clear water that feels supremely soft. The prefilled Cartridge makes replacement easy — it’s no mess, no guess and no stress!

  • Kills bacteria
  • Helps keep pH balanced and absorbs acids
  • Conditions the water for softness
  • Model# 01-12-7852

FROG Test Strips for Pools & Hot Tubs - 50 pack

Hot Tub Frog Test Strips - 50 Test Strip Pack
Model# 01-14-3318.

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