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Spa Guard Hot Tub Cover Cap Protector - Size: 7' x7'x 36" - Color: Silver

Spa Guard Hot Tub Cover Cap Protector - Size: 7' x7'x 36" - Color: Silver

Outdoor Innovations presents Spa Guard Hot Tub Cover which is perfect for your 7’ x 7’ hot tub. A hot tub is a classy choice for your outdoor patio or backyard furnishing. It is a great way to spend time with the family and friends and create lots of memories. But no family spends time in a hot tub every day. When not in use, the tub should be covered with something as protective and functional as this product. The high quality polyethylene fabric protects the tub from dust, sun damage, UV rays and other external factors. The cover guard will also help retain heat loss from leaks in your cover and at the fold. Perfect for both harsh winters and summer, this Spa Guard cover does not interfere with the aesthetic value of the tub.

  • PROTECT IN STYLE: Your outdoor hot tub or spa is a feature that not only provides you with happy and fun memories, but also is a stunning feature of your outdoor furnishing. Covering it up with just anything will most definitely ruin the look. This cover is perfect for maintaining style while you cover your hot tub
  • USAGE: Put this cover on top of your hot-tub when not in use to protect it from damage caused by external forces and the sun. A hot tub is a big investment and this cover keeps it safe and tidy
  • UV AND SUN DAMAGE PROTECTION: The protective layer is good for shielding your hot tub from sun damage and harmful UV radiation. It is great for harsh summer heat when this is more likely to happen
  • PERFECT FIT: The square cover is 7 by 7 feet which snaps on to your hot tub perfectly. This custom fit adds to the appearance of a covered hot tub. It is better than having it covered with something loose that a moderately strong wind could blow away
  • DURABLE FABRIC: The cover is made from high quality polyethylene fabric. It is durable and very hard to damage. It is strong enough to endure the changes in weather to protect your tub from any damage


84" x 84" x 36"




Polyethylene (PE)

Product Dimensions

84"L x 84"W



Special Feature

Heavy Duty





Item Weight

5.48 pounds


Outdoor Innovations